Company history

Fourier Systems is a South African company that was established in 1990 with its main focus the development, configuration and installation of process control software.

In 1994 the company was acquired by two of the current directors, Willem Raubenheimer and Johan Raubenheimer.

Since then, Fourier Systems has matured into a competitive software development company that focuses on providing specialized information system solutions to clients.

Fourier employs a dozen IT professionals, and boasts an extensive yet focused skill set and a long-term client base.

Our Focus

We provide the full spectrum of software consulting and development services to our clients, and tend to get involved in more technical, challenging systems, solving problems through passion for software engineering and by applying well-honed software development skills.

We are specialists in the application of information technology and integrating of multiple disciplines, providing our clients with high quality software solutions.

Fourier Systems has established and proven skills in the areas of video management-, auditing- and control systems, Management Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems, solutions to the toll operations fraternity and a number of other major companies.


We have developed software systems for local and international clients.

Our major clients include Geutebrück, Ross Poultry Breeders, EFKON, TRAC, N3TC, Mayo Macs, Avimune and ITI.

We are committed to:

· View our clients as development partners and extensively consult with them to gain insight into their business processes, product requirements and company culture.

· Honor our clients’ understanding of their operational environment and their ability to identify their needs.

· Provide quality information technology solutions to our clients, backed by high caliber support and maintenance.

· Building long term relationships with our clients.

Company expertise and skills

Areas of expertise include:

Development platforms: C#, MVC, WPF, C++, Delphi.

Microsoft Visual Studio
.NET Framework
DevExpress Components
Microsoft SQL Server

Areas of specialisation are:

· Software design and development

· Database design and deployment

· User interface design

· Information technology solutions

· Management information reporting

· Development project management

· GIS (Geographical Information System) solutions

· Data communication and Telecommunications technology

Areas of interest are:

· Object orientated methodologies

· Component and distributed component computing

· Keeping up-to-date with the rapidly expanding technology


Our people are our greatest asset and we endeavor to increase the intellectual capital worth of the company through appointing high caliber personnel and striving to constantly improve the skill level of personnel.

The company has a flat organizational structure and employees are encouraged to fully develop their sense of responsibility, individualism, creativity, and innovative thinking.