GSim - Video Management System

GSim was designed as a system to centrally control, monitor, and give maintenance assistance for large hybrid video networks. It was developed in collaboration with Geutebrück GmbH


EGGsactly™ is an integrated scalable solution for the management of poultry production, planning and management information.

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Visual Toll Audit System

ViTAS™ is an information auditing tool which combines various data sets of equipment and systems available on the toll plaza. One of its main goals is to present the masses of available data in such a way that it can easily be understood and audited. Furthermore, it adds visual reference images and links to recorded footage on DVRs to assist with the interpretation of the data, without reviewing hundreds of hours of video.

Traffic and Incident Data System (TIDS)

TIDS was developed to serve the client’s needs for a toll road information system, integrating data from various subsystems. Strong reporting capability was required to provide the toll road management teams with a tool to assist in the effective management and operation of a toll road. The system is flexible enough to assist the decision-making process at all levels of management.

MacMaster for Mayo Macs Macadamias

The MacMaster Factory Information System is developed for Mayo Macs Macadamias to assist in all the business processes of a Macadamia nut processing plant.