EGGsactlyâ„¢ is an integrated scalable solution for the management of poultry production, planning and management information. It caters for all levels of poultry facilities: Pedigree, Grand Parent, Parent, Broiler and Commercial Lay.

Key Features

Production Forecasting: EGGsactly allows you to quickly generate a production forecast, evaluate several what-if scenarios and compare forecasted production against your sales programme.

Simplified data capturing: The system makes data capturing simple and efficient. This is done by allowing the client to configure the data capture screen to match his operation and specific preferences. The system makes full use of both the mouse and keyboard. More experienced users will be able to do data capturing using only the keyboard.

Interactive Reporting:Reporting is interactive and highly configurable. Graphs provide a visual representation of the information. Viewing data on screen facilitates a more interactive experience and save money on print-outs.

Configurability:Data can be entered per site or per house, daily or weekly. Different placements can have separate placement dates and ages. The system accommodates both the metric and imperial measurement systems.

Corporate-wide data sharing: EGGsactly enables data sharing by using Internet-based cloud data replication technology. Data can be shared between satellite offices, making off-site management possible. Data is automatically backed up as it resides on more than one location. Real-time information is provided, while still minimizing time spent on the internet.

Data protection:The system can prevent access to data by using customisable user rights. For example, access can be granted to edit farm data for only a selected number of sites. Replication can also be configured to prevent data transfer to a database server.

Data Integration:All modules form part of the full integrated EGGsactly Poultry Management Information System. Flocks only need to be configured once and will be used throughout the rest of the system. No data needs to be entered more than once for different reports.

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